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nudemarket is a small, local business in Calgary that makes a zero waste lifestyle accessible, starting with peanut butter. nudefood Peanut Butter was born from a female founded start-up with the goal of offering exceptional quality food that doesn’t jeopardize your health. Every recyclable glass jar is filled with premium American, dry roasted peanuts.  Its simple and purposeful ingredients make it convenient for you to make sustainable and healthy choices that you can feel good about. 

The Founder 


Hello! I am Margaret, maker of nudemarket and nudefood. I love living near the mountains, I love my city YYC, and I love making a difference in people's lives through my business. Currently nudemarket consists of me gaining fresh peanut butter locally in Calgary in a shared kitchen space. 

My dream one day is to provide a market full of food options, along with local low waste products, and to begin this passion I started with creating my own ethical and conscious peanut butter. 

Through this adventure, I have already seen a shift in how my own children think about what they consume and the choices they make. That alone is enough to keep me going forward in this journey, because believe me, it isn't always easy... but I believe together we can make a difference!