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Why is there a delivery bag deposit?

We charge a $5 deposit for the delivery bag on deliveries and pickups because we want to make sure your product gets safely to you.  We also want to make sure that you have a place to put your empty containers once you are finished with your product so that we can pick it up on your next delivery date.  This deposit is completely refundable.

Want a free deposit bag pickup?  No problem, email pickup@nudemarket.ca and we will arrange a free pickup and refund you your deposit back.  We will also be glad to take back any empties from products you have purchased from us!

What is the "You're part of the Zero Waste Solution!" Fee for?

Our goal is to divert plastic waste from the landfill by 90% and you are going to be a part of achieving that goal!  There is a $0.25 fee added to your cart if you are purchasing products that we are able to send back to the manufacturer for cleaning and refilling.  This business model that we are designing puts the responsibility of plastic back into the hands of the supply chain and we are so excited to be working with suppliers that are willing to adapt their processes and help us divert plastic from the landfill and recycling system with this holistic approach.  This $0.25 fee is your contribution to the shift from a linear system to a circular system where products are seen as a resource for future use and not something destined for the landfill.  Thank you for helping make this new practice sustainable so that it can scale and have a huge impact on the way things are done!