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About nudefood

nudefood PB Jars

Why Peanuts?

Peanuts were chosen for nudefood peanut butter because they are by far the healthiest and most sustainable nut. They are a zero waste just like us - everything they grow is used in production. They also require the smallest amount of water compared to any other nut in the world. We wanted to make a PB packed with the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins of the peanut, and no unhealthy additives.

Peanut Butter Lovers

Got the coconut peanut butter in my YYC box!! I need to come to the store and get the 3 pack! So good!!! Thank you!


Delicious! Received this in my YYC vegetable box a little while ago. My kids love it!



I bought a jar for my mom, who loves PB, and OMG I think I am addicted now! It is fresh, creamy and tasty! I love that I can pop to the store and return the jar!

- Skye