At nudemarket, the aim is to make package-free shopping easy and accessible.  By investing in products that are long-lasting and reusable, it is part of our mission to ensure that we don’t contribute to problems for future generations.  

The Founder 


Hi, I'm Margaret! Making a zero waste lifestyle easy and accessible to consumers is something I'm passionate about. It all started one day when I felt I had enough of driving around all day trying to buy food and household products that I felt good about. I had enough of sorting plastic bags, containers and packaging that really didn't enhance my life. I had enough of feeling bad for being so wasteful when I really couldn't do anything about it. I had enough and I decided I was going to change it. 

My dream one day is to provide a market full of food options, along with amazing local zero waste products, and to begin this passion I started with creating my own ethical and conscious peanut butter. 

Through this adventure, I have already seen a shift in how my own children think about plastic and the choices they make. That alone is enough to keep me going forward in this journey, because believe me, it isn't always easy... but I believe together we can make a difference!