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Three different sized cotton bags filled with lentils, rice, and almonds.
Small cotton bag filled popcorn.
Medium cotton bag tied up at the top.
Empty large cotton bag.

Cotton Bulk Food Bags - Colony Co.

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Load up on your favorite bulk foods with these handy Reusable Bulk Bin Bags. They're perfect for nuts, grains or seeds, and they come in three sizes.

Dimensions:  Large (15x12 inches) Medium (12x10) Small (10x8)

What it's Made From 

Made from natural cotton which is polyester-free, nylon-free, unbleached, and is biodegradable. Durable material and double-stitched seams. Stainless steel cord lock. 

How to Use

Bring with you at the grocery store or to a refinery to stock up on goods without using a plastic bag. The tare weight is on the brightly colored labels so your cashier can easily find it and deduct the bag's weight.

Machine washable and dryer friendly (on delicate).


When it's Done

Biodegradable or reusable for DIY projects!