Wool Dryer Balls - 100% natural

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Our handcrafted, 100% natural wool dryer balls are made in Calgary, Alberta by After The Rain.  We chose this local company because of their commitment to a Greener Economy, and even better, they make their dryer balls especially so that they are quiet in the dryer.  

Dryer Balls are an eco friendly, toxin free option, replacing dryer sheets or fabric softener in your dryer. They are reusable for greater than 500 loads and are fully compostable once they need to be replaced. Simply toss 3 in the dryer to decrease drying time and static (in natural fibre laundry) and help prevent wrinkles. 
They can also be used with your favourite essential oils to naturally scent your laundry!

Ideas for reuse: cat toy, pin cushion, aroma ball (put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the dryer balls and stick them in your drawers or storage containers to keep things fresh!), juggling practice.