Refills, Anyone?

The effort to snuff out unnecessary waste from one’s life requires thinking several steps ahead. Here is a gentle reminder not to wait until you are completely out of a product to figure out your game plan. 

    Happy Heart Day!

    I love to make sure Valentine's Day is special.  My husband and I usually celebrate by cooking a delicious meal together. Let’s be real though; I buy the ingredients and he does the cooking! 

      Would It Be Worth It, If It Was Easy?

      My morning.... I wake up.  I put on my freshly pressed robe, wash my face, brush my teeth, do my makeup and hair and I go downstairs and make the m...

        Zerowaste 101: 5 Simple Steps

        Getting to that place of ZeroWaste is a journey, and NOT like the #1 through the Canadian Prairies.  (If you have never trotted this trail it is a ...