July is Plastic-Free

It's Plastic-Free July! I am so excited for all what this month has in store for us here in Calgary!

    Fried PB & J Sandwich Recipe from Your Local Girl Bosses

    It’s important to support our women in business when there are so many goddamn hurdles in place. Imagine a world where women are 100% empowered to blaze their own trail.

      6 Zero Waste Tips that will Save You Money

      Can going Zero Waste save you money? You bet!

        World Environment Day

        World Environment Day is June 5th, mark it down! It’s a day to collectively acknowledge and be educated on the environmental problems we currently face, and to celebrate the areas in which progress has been made. To mark the occasion, nudeMarket is giving you the promo code ENVIRODAY2019 for 10% off any online orders that you make on June 5th.

          PB & J Fat Bombs: A zero waste love story from Calgary

          It’s great when wonderful things collide as they do in this recipe for PB & J Fat Bombs - locally produced artisanal ingredients without less-than-desirable additives or disposable packaging, and did I mention that they are tasty as hell? 

            Refills, Anyone?

            The effort to snuff out unnecessary waste from one’s life requires thinking several steps ahead. Here is a gentle reminder not to wait until you are completely out of a product to figure out your game plan. 

              Happy Heart Day!

              I love to make sure Valentine's Day is special.  My husband and I usually celebrate by cooking a delicious meal together. Let’s be real though; I buy the ingredients and he does the cooking! 

                Would It Be Worth It, If It Was Easy?

                My morning.... I wake up.  I put on my freshly pressed robe, wash my face, brush my teeth, do my makeup and hair and I go downstairs and make the m...

                  Zerowaste 101: 5 Simple Steps

                  Getting to that place of ZeroWaste is a journey, and NOT like the #1 through the Canadian Prairies.  (If you have never trotted this trail it is a ...